Contestable Research Funding

Approval Date
1 June 2020
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
30 November 2022
Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery
Baldrige Criteria

To set out the general functions and responsibilities, membership, and operating procedures of the Contestable Research Funding Panel.

To ensure that available contestable funding support is accessible and is provided in a timely and equitable manner.

The Polytechnic seeks to foster quality research in accordance with the NZQA definition of research and defined research objectives. It seeks to encourage and support the development of research activity through providing contestable funds for research activity.

  • NZQA definition and terms of research

1.         Membership

1.1          Membership of the Contestable Research Funding Panel will comprise:

  • Director: Research & Postgraduate Studies (ex officio)
  • Research Coordinator
  • 3 Incumbent research mentors for research active areas
  • Mana whenua representative or consultation
  • Co-opted members as required.

1.2          Membership Responsibility - Members represent specific academic areas as incumbent mentors and will report back to their areas on Research Funding Panel activities and will advocate the activities of the Panel to their respective areas.

1.3          In attendance - Research Office Administrator.

2.         Chair: The Chair will be the Director: Research & Postgraduate Studies.

3.         Duties and Function - The Contestable Research Funding Panel will:

3.1          Advise the Research & Postgraduate Committee on policy and process for the administration of internal contestable grant funding for research.

3.2          Promote and support research at Otago Polytechnic Limited through allocation of contestable grants to research projects using appropriate administrative processes and keeping within the parameters of the research funding budget.

3.3          Set up a reporting process to track individual progress as agreed with contestable funding recipients.

3.4          Monitor and report effectiveness in achieving targets for completed research projects.

3.5          Report to the Research & Postgraduate Committee on the activities of the panel including information on contestable funding allocations.

3.6       Advise the Research & Postgraduate Committee of any relevant significant issues that arise in relation to the awarding of contestable research funding.

4.          Reporting - This panel reports to the Director: Research & Postgraduate Studies and to the Research and Postgraduate Committee.

5.          Meetings - Meetings are held as needed but no less than three-monthly.

  • Academic Policy: Academic Committee