Contractor Health and Safety

Approval Date
2 May 2012
Approved By
Chief Executive
Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety
Baldrige Criteria
Workforce focus

Otago Polytechnic Limited is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment in which to work for contractors and sub-contractors in accordance with its Occupational Health and Safety Policies. This policy is intended to outline Health and Safety practices and requirements for contractors engaged to work in situations other than teaching, research, or general administration work on its premises.


1. The Polytechnic seeks to:

1.1  Ensure that contractors and subcontractors work in a healthy and safe manner, and are not harmed while at work on Polytechnic premises

1.2  Ensure that harm is not caused to any other person from contractors’ and subcontractors’ work on Polytechnic premises

1.3  Promote measures to prevent injury and illness by establishing and insisting upon safe methods, safe equipment, proper materials, and safe practices at all times

1.4  Protect the Polytechnic’s assets and business continuity

1.5  Ensure project tender documents include a requirement for a project specific health and safety risk management plan, and the company’s relevant Health and Safety policies and procedures, which are reviewed by Otago Polytechnic Limited Health and Safety Advisor prior to acceptance.

1.6  Develop a list of Approved Contractors who have evidenced that they meet or exceed Polytechnic’s health and safety requirements. Evidence means:

1. The Contract Company:

  • Meets all documentary requirements and has had a successful assessment by spot checks and Annual Review of Performance by the Otago Polytechnic Limited’s Contracts Manager and Health and Safety Advisor.

2. An Individual of a Contract Company:

  • Has been fully inducted to Otago Polytechnic Limited
  • Is regularly on site
  • Has evidence of relevant health and safety training
  • Has had successful spot checks by Otago Polytechnic Limited’s Contract Manager or delegate

2. Definitions

2.1 “Principal” means a person who or that engages any person (otherwise than as a Polytechnic employee) to do any work for gain or reward. In the Polytechnic context the Principal is the Chief Executive Officer.

2.2 “Contract Manager” (CM) means an authorised officer of the Polytechnic, appointed for the purpose of overseeing the contract and ensuring that the health and safety of people and property is protected.

2.3 “Contractor” means a person engaged by the Polytechnic (otherwise than as a Polytechnic employee) to do any work for gain or reward.

2.4 “Subcontractor” means a person engaged (otherwise than as an employee) by any contractor or subcontractor to do for gain or reward any work the contractor or subcontractor has been engaged (as a contractor or subcontractor) to do.

2.5 “Significant hazard” means a hazard that is an actual or potential cause or source of:

  • serious harm; or
  • harm (being harm that is more than trivial) the severity of whose effects on any person depend (entirely or among other things) on the extent or frequency of the person’s exposure to the hazard; or
  • harm that does not usually occur, or usually is not easily detectable, until a significant time after exposure to the hazard.

2.6 “Serious harm” means death or harm of a type defined in the Health and Safety in Employment Act. Please note this definition is currently being revised by a Government select committee.

3. Prior to engaging in any work on Otago Polytechnic Limited premises or facilities a Contractor Agreement (Appendix 1) must be completed, signed, and returned to the relevant Contract Manager.

4. Prior to undertaking any work on Otago Polytechnic Limited sites, the contractor must undergo an induction to Otago Polytechnic Limited, to include

4.1  the requirement to each day sign in before commencing work and sign out when finishing for the day (exceptions are specially approved contractors, designated by the Contract Manager)

4.2  to wear clearly visible identification, including the Otago Polytechnic Limited “Contractor” badge

4.3  orientation to relevant Otago Polytechnic Limited hazards they may be exposed to in the scope of their work, for example laboratory hazards, high voltage, etc

4.4  emergency procedures including evacuation and security

4.5  incident and accident reporting procedure

4.6  any special permits/permissions required, for example work involving the isolation of fire detection or protection systems, hot work permits, confined space, height work, which is near to, or over, 3 meters.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation

5.1  Otago Polytechnic Limited Contract Manager, or delegate, will do random spot checks of contractors while working at Otago Polytechnic Limited, using the Contractor Health and Safety Spot Check (Appendix 4). Feedback to the contractor personnel on site will be provided immediately. Any matters for attention will be promptly communicated to the Otago Polytechnic Limited Contract Manager, who will promptly inform the company’s Contract Manager.

5.2  The Otago Polytechnic Limited Contract Manager will annually review the performance of all contractor companies, using the Annual Health and Safety Evaluation of Contractors form (Appendix 5).


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