Flag Policy

Approval Date
30 September 2020
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
30 November 2022
Deputy Chief Executive: Corporate Services
Baldrige Criteria

To provide guidelines for flying the New Zealand and other countries’ flags.


This policy is based upon Ministry for Culture and Heritage guidelines


1.          The New Zealand Flag may be flown on any day of the year, usually during normal working hours.

2.          When the New Zealand Flag is flown with the flags of other nations, each flag should be the same size and should fly from a separate flagpole of the same height. The New Zealand flag should always be given the “position of Honour” i.e. on the left of a facing observer.

2.1.         Where there are two (2) or more flagpoles parallel to a building (even on opposite sides of the entrance) the New Zealand flag should be flown on the very left of a facing observer.

3.          As Otago Polytechnic Limited is part of the wider state sector, and is not a government building, a house flag may be flown daily without the New Zealand flag. However, when a house flag is being flown with a New Zealand flag the New Zealand flag should always be given the “position of honour” i.e. on the left of a facing observer or beneath the New Zealand Flag on the same flagpole.

4.          Flags should never be flown in a dilapidated condition.

5.          It is the responsibility of Campus Environment to ensure flags are flown according to the attached guidelines.

6.          Campus Environment will be advised by Marketing and Communications, and/or a member of the Executive Leadership Team when visiting countries flags, or a different configuration of flags (always noting position of honour of the New Zealand flag), are to be flown.


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Approved by:
Dr. Megan Gibbons
Chief Executive