Impaired Performance Aegrotat SOP

To be read in conjunction with

Impaired Performance / Aegrotat - Policy

Approval Date
1 June 2020
Approved By
Executive Leadership Team
Next Review
30 November 2022
Deputy Chief Executive: Learning and Teaching

At Otago Polytechnic Limited, we want you to do your best

From time to time, all of us experience events over which we may have little or no control. Some of these may affect your ability to attend/complete/submit an assessment or examination and/or to do your best in assessments.

These critical circumstances might include illness, bereavement, family crisis, or other unpredictable events.


At Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd) , we want to be fair

Policies and processes are in place to review your performance in an assessment when you believe this has been impaired or where you have been unable to attend/complete/submit an assessment or examination because of circumstances beyond your control.

Applications for impaired performance may request reconsideration of results which may result in:

  • an adjustment of an assessment mark
  • permission to undertake a special examination/assessment
  • an aegrotat pass.

To be fair to all our learners, and to maintain a quality learning environment, verification by a professional third party is required. Where learners have been affected by illness or other exceptional circumstances prior to significant assessments, they are expected, where possible, to have informed Heads of College directly at the time.

If you believe your performance in an assessment has been significantly impaired, then as soon as practicable before or after the date of scheduled assessment.

  • The Otago Polytechnic Ltd “Impairment/Aegrotat Report Form” should be completed by you and the professional conducting the assessment. [These forms are available online, from your school office and Student Health, OPSA and regional campus offices. The form includes provision for you to give permission for release of further information if required.]
  • Take this form and present to Otago Polytechnic Ltd Student Health, a registered health professional, or other professional third party (eg police officer, minister of religion, funeral director, counsellor) and request assessment for impaired performance.

Impairment will be assessed as:

  • Minimal - minor illness, injury or condition (such as an upper respiratory tract infection). It is possible for the learner to attend/complete/submit assessment, but the illness, injury or condition may have a minor impact on their performance.
  • Moderate - significant illness, injury, or condition. The learner may or may not be able to attend/submit
  • assessment, but the illness, injury or condition may have a significant impact on their performance.
  • Severe - severe medical illness, injury or condition supported by evidence of  medical and or hospitalisation event , bereavement of significant other or serious psychological impairment certified by a counsellor or doctor. The learner will be unable to attend/submit or complete the assessment.
  • Lodge the completed “Impairment/Aegrotat Report” form” (including both Part A and Part B) as soon as practicable before or after the date of assessment with your Head of College.

Your application will be processed by the College according to Academic Committee policies and procedures.

For further information: Contact Otago Polytechnic Ltd Student Health, Otago Polytechnic Student Association or your Programme Co-ordinator, Programme Head.


Privacy Implications
If your College requires additional information in support of your application and if you have given permission to the professional who assessed you for impaired performance to release this information, then the College will request this additional information directly from the professional concerned.