Library Committee - OPBD Procedure

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Approval Date
17 June 2023
Approved By
Te Kāhui Manukura
Next Review
17 November 2024
Executive Director or delegate

To set out the general functions and responsibilities, membership, and operating procedures of the Library Committee.

  1. The Library Committee ensures that library services are provided to meet academic teaching and learning needs and accreditation for each programme of study.
  2. The Library Committee will ensure clear communication between Otago Polytechnic Business Division (OPBD) Colleges and the Robertson Library.
  3. Membership of the Library Committee will comprise:
  • Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery or nominee
  • One (1) representative from each College
  • The Robertson Librarian
  • The Robertson Subject Librarian(s)
  • Director: Partnership and Equity or representative
  • Director: Learning and Teaching Development or nominee
  • Representation from the Otago Polytechnic Limited Students Association (OPSA).

3.1 The Library Committee may co-opt members from time to time. A co-opted member has the same rights as a full member.

  1. The Chair will be the Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery or nominee.
  2. The Library Committee has the following responsibilities:

5.1. Recommend that adequate funding is put forward during the budget-setting process to ensure the continuing excellence of the library collections.

5.2. Inform the budget-setting process of capital development required for new/unified programmes of study.

5.3. Ensure that there is regular consultation between the library and Colleges/programmes of study about the collection and services (including information literacy and research skills as outlined in the Robertson Library Research Skills Support Strategy).

5.4. Ensure that there is communication between Colleges and the Library about any unified programmes of study.

5.5. Monitor, review, and recommend periodical acquisition including electronically accessible materials.

5.6. Consult/determine spending priorities within the budget.

5.7. Oversee and support Research Readiness Self-Assessment (RRSA) and Otago Polytechnic Business Division Institutional Research Repository (OPRES).

5.8. Consider Service Level Agreement matters and advise the joint Robertson Library and Otago Polytechnic Business Division Library Committee (Joint Library Committee).

  1. The Committee reports to the Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery/or equivalent who is also a representative on the joint Library Committee.
  2. Meeting minutes will be available on the intranet.
  3. Meetings are normally held bi-monthly or more frequently if required.
Approved by:

Approved by:

Dr. Megan Gibbons

Chief Executive

Date: 17 June 2022


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