Orientation and Induction for Learners

Approval Date
1 November 2018
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 October 2021
Deputy Chief Executive: Learner Experience
Baldrige Criteria
Customer focus

To outline the objectives of the Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd) orientation and induction programme for learners.

Orientation is concerned with familiarising learners with their new learning  environment and involves meeting people and communicating helpful information such as where essential services are located.

Induction incorporates orientation but is concerned with preparing learners to cope with learning at a tertiary level and is about ensuring that learners have the skills and knowledge to be successful in their chosen programme.

Specific programme induction including Occupation Health and Safety, Emergency Procedures, and induction for distance and blended learning programmes, are carried out at course/programme level.


1.          Orientation and induction will be available to all learners enrolling at Otago Polytechnic Ltd for the first time in all programmes/courses (at Otago Polytechnic Ltd), except for Otago Secondary Tertiary College (OSTC) learners who are secondary school learners and have a separate induction process.

2.          An induction programme will also be available to distance learners and those learners starting outside the usual times. It will be accessible through the  student portal on the website and will cover aspects incorporated in the campus programme. This information will also be available on current learning management systems.

3.          Within the first three-week period of classes starting all schools/colleges will initiate/participate in an induction seminar that will be presented by Learner Services and Otago Polytechnic Limited Students’ Association (OPSA).

4.          Learners will be provided with an accurate overview of their programme of learning so that they can form realistic expectations of it.

5.          Learners will be informed of the expectations placed on them as learners within their programme.

6.          Learners will be assisted to identify their learning style(s) to increase their personal learning effectiveness.

7.          Opportunities for improving effectiveness as learners will be available and will include the importance and relevance of personal goal setting and motivation.

8.          Learners will be given the opportunity to confirm whether their current path of study aligns with their future aspirations.

9.          Learners will be introduced to the campus and to the range of services that are available to support them in their learning.

10.       Learners will be given the opportunity to meet other learners at a personal level which will include activities and entertainment to promote social interaction. These will be offered by OPSA and the polytechnic.

11.       Opportunities will be provided for learners to be oriented to the skills/competencies required to use the technologies at Otago Polytechnic Ltd.

12.       Opportunities will be provided to assist learners to resolve administrative issues such as enrolment and finances.

13.       Specific information and activities will be offered to Pacific Island learners, Māori learners, International learners, and learners with disabilities.

14.       All learners will have health and safety induction and training at programme level relevant to the hazards in their work areas, as per Health and Safety Induction and Training.

15.       Emergency and evacuations procedures will be outlined on day one of each programme by school/college staff.



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