Polykids - Photographing Children

Approval Date
1 June 2020
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
30 November 2022
Manager: Polykids Childcare Centre

The purpose of this procedure is to keep children safe by establishing clear rules around how and when images and other information relating to children within our Centre may be used.



Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008            

Ministry of Education Licensing Criteria for Education and Care Services               

Vulnerable Children’s Act 2017               

Privacy Act 2020


National guidelines:  

Te Whariki -  Contribution Goal 3; Children experience an environment where they are encouraged to learn with and alongside each other.


Polykids uses a tiered approach to parental permissions regarding the use of children’s images and artwork, giving parents the opportunity to give permission for photos to be taken for different purposes. The permission requested is included on the child’s enrolment form

Permission 1 – Planning, Assessment and Centre displays

Parents are asked to consent on the child’s enrolment form whether or not they give permission for their child’s photograph or video can be taken and used for the purposes of planning, assessment and Centre documentation. Parents are informed that these images may also be displayed within the Centre environment as part of art works or learning displays. Parents are also informed that their child’s first name and image may be included in profile books other than their own as part of learning narratives.

Permission 2 - Newsletters

Separate permission is requested on the enrolment form for children’s work, first name and/or photo to be included in the Polykids Newsletters for Polykids families.

Permission 3 – Polykids Community Closed Facebook Page

Permission is requested for children’s work, photo, or video to be posted on the closed Polykids Facebook page for Polykids families.

Permission 4 – Student teachers photographing children

Permission is requested for children to be photographed by student teachers using Polykids supplied cameras, while on teaching practicums, for the purpose of planning and assessment. These images will be deleted as soon as it is utilised for the above purpose and digital files of these images will not be removed from Polykids premises. Should a hard copy of the students learning assessment be required to be taken off premises for assessment parental permission will be sought. 


  • Parents must consult teachers before taking any photographs, video or any other recording while at the Centre or any Centre related activity. If parents wish to include other children in photographs or recordings, parental permission for the other children must be obtained first.
  • Staff may not use personal mobile phones to take photos or recordings of children at Centre.
  • Staff may not use images or recordings of children for any purpose other than those permitted by parents unless additional consent is sought.
  • Photos must be deleted once no longer required for the purpose they were obtained.
  • Photos will be stored securely on the Otago Polytechnic network or on camera memory cards. Any images saved to camera memory cards may not be removed from the Centre.
  • Polykids staff may access images on the Otago Polytechnic network from locations other than Polykids for the purposes of assessment and planning only e.g., working from home or another location at Otago Polytechnic. Images accessed away from Polykids must not be saved to personal computers or computer hard drives.