Programme Guide and Academic Content for Publication

Approval Date
1 June 2020
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
30 November 2022
Deputy Chief Executive: Academic Delivery
Baldrige Criteria
Customer focus

To provide accurate, clear information for publication to inform prospective learners on approved current and proposed programmes delivered at Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd).


1.          In providing academic information both within and externally to Otago Polytechnic Ltd, the staff responsible (refer to clause 2 and 3) for providing that information are to ensure that only approved academic information is used in:

a.              Programme/Course information

b.              Awards and certificates

c.              Advertising

d.              Promotional collateral

e.              Programme Guide

f.               Learner Management System

g.              Information to Customer Services and the Contact Centre

h.              Online Platforms – including the website and social media

i.               Media and PR

2.          Heads of College are responsible for providing approved academic information, to Marketing, Sales and Communications for use in internal and external publications including, but not limited to programme guides, brochures, online information sheets, and advertising.

3.          Marketing, Sales and Communications is responsible for the preparation and final presentation of all programme guides and other publications produced by Otago Polytechnic Ltd. This includes proofreading, editing, layout and design.

4.          The programme guide is produced annually and includes:

a.               Otago Polytechnic Ltd information

b.               Programme specific information

5.          A request for the following information, and associated timelines, will be communicated by Marketing, Sales and Communications to Heads of College:

a.              Title of Programme (including any embedded qualifications)

b.              Entry criteria (including IELTS)

c.              Specialty or major areas of study

d.              Approved indicative fees

e.              Location

f.               Full-time or part-time durations

g.              Start date(s)

5.1          This information must be taken from the approved Programme Document and Learner Management System.

5.2          Additional information required for online programme information sheets includes but is not limited to:

a.              Credits

b.              Level of qualification

c.              Application dates

d.              Programme code

e.              Unique selling points

f.               Selection process/additional requirements (i.e., interview or portfolio)

g.              Additional costs and course descriptions.

6.      Proposed programmes can be listed in the programme guide and online programme information sheets provided an asterisk is placed at the end of the title with a footnote stating “*subject to final approval”. These programmes can only be listed after Academic Committee has approved the development of the programme. Any variation must be authorised by the DCE: Academic Delivery.