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Approval Date
12 April 2022
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
30 November 2022
Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety

Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd) follow impartial and transparent employment processes to attract, appoint and retain suitably skilled, qualified, and experienced people, working within our legislative requirements, commitment to our Maori Strategic Framework, Equal Employment Opportunities, commitment to diversity, and our goal to be an employer of choice.

Application and Definitions

This policy applies to all vacancies at Otago Polytechnic Ltd.

Permanent appointments refer to where the staff member is employed for an indefinite duration.

Fixed-term appointments refer to where the staff member is employed for a specific time period and must be for a genuine reason.

Casual appointments refer to where the staff member is employed as and when required with no guaranteed hours of work.

Proportional appointments refer to a role where the staff member is employed to undertake a specified proportion of a full-time equivalent (FTE) academic workload up to 0.8 FTE.

Part-time appointments refer to a role where a Professional staff member is employed to undertake a specified proportion of a full-time workload and to an Academic staff member that is employed for less than 0.4 FTE.


1.0   Responsibilities

The recruitment process will be led by People and Culture who will ensure adherence to the process.

1.1 All recruitment and selection processes must use the appropriate forms and systems and have the appropriate approvals as per the Delegations from the Board to the Chief Executive and Authorities and Sub Delegations from Chief Executive policy delegated authorities, overseen, and supported by People and Culture.

1.2 All employment applications require a standard application for employment form to be completed before an application can be considered.

1.3   Permanent vacancies or fixed-term vacancies that are greater than twelve (12) months require advertising of the role, shortlisting, a selection panel, and pre-employment checks, led by People and Culture.

1.4   Any permanent vacancies that are filled without advertising must comply with Public Service Act 2020 obligations and be signed off by the Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety.

1.5   Casual and Fixed Term vacancies that are less than twelve (12) months in duration require a selection panel and pre-employment checks, led by the Formal Leader with support from People and Culture.

1.6   All advertising (internal and external) shall be placed through People and Culture.  Only People and Culture or the Chief Executive may engage the services of an external recruitment agency.


2.0   Selection

2.1   Selection criteria will be based on the vacant position and the person specifications for that role.  Shortlisting will be completed by People and Culture in conjunction with the appointing Formal Leader.

2.2   Members of a selection panel must have undertaken the required Otago Polytechnic Ltd recruitment and selection training programme prior to participating in the process or have had previous equivalent experience approved by People and Culture.

2.3   Involvement of customers, learners, Unions, Kaitohutohu Office, and teams on selection panels is encouraged as appropriate and will be guided by People and Culture ensuring the panel numbers are appropriate for the level of the position.

2.4   Selection panel members are required to declare any conflict of interest, as defined by the Conflict of Interest policy including family connection and/or being a business associate or a close friend that may exist in relation to any candidates for the role, as soon as they become aware of that to People and Culture who will advise on this.

2.5   The selection panel will maintain strict confidentiality regarding all information pertaining to the recruitment process including candidate information.  All paperwork is to be returned to People and Culture following the interview process in a timely manner.

2.6   Selection methods may include but are not limited to: First Interview, Presentation, Job Trials, Second Interviews, Meet the Team opportunities, and Candidate Testing.

2.7   The role of the selection panel is to make a recommendation on who to appoint to the position to the appointing Formal Leader and People and Culture.

2.8   People and Culture will ensure that no fewer than two (2) nominated referees (for permanent and fixed-term positions) and one (1) nominated referee (for casual positions) are to be consulted prior to an offer being made, at least one (1) of whom must be a person to whom the candidate has recently been directly responsible for work performance. 

2.9   All reference checks must follow the Otago Polytechnic Ltd template and associated processes.


3.0   Employment Offer

3.1   Any offer of employment must be in line with the Remuneration Policy and have approval from People and Culture prior to the offer being made.  The offer of employment will be followed up in writing by People and Culture to the new staff member.  The new staff member cannot start work until the employment agreement has been signed and returned to People and Culture.

3.2 Offers of employment may be subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks.

3.3 Otago Polytechnic Ltd determines certain roles that require the preferred candidate(s) to undertake a pre-employment medical with an external agency as part of the selection process. 

3.4 Required police vetting and/or credit checks will be administered by People and Culture as appropriate to the role.

3.5 Employment will be confirmed on the results of those checks being satisfactory to Otago Polytechnic Ltd, and the employee will be notified by People and Culture.

3.6 Costs associated with any pre-employment checks will be met by Otago Polytechnic Limited.


4.0   Relocation

Otago Polytechnic may choose to assist new staff with the process of relocation.

4.1 Any relocation contribution is to be agreed by the Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety and the Deputy Chief Executive: Corporate Services before an offer of employment is made and will be made to the successful candidate at the time of the offer of employment and included within the offer of employment.

4.2 Assistance with relocation is discretionary and would generally be for a new permanent staff member to an agreed amount, which would usually be by direct payment to the provider(s), although reimbursement on the production of receipts may occur where this is not practicable.

4.3 Assistance or contributions may be made towards temporary accommodation, travel, insurance, and removal of personal effects including vehicles or animals. Costs associated with buying/selling houses will not be taken into consideration.

4.4 Two (2) quotes for the removal of effects will be arranged by People and Culture.

4.5 Any relocation contribution is subject to a bond which will be included in the offer of employment.

4.6If the new staff member has committed to a relocation plan and incurred expenses but is unable to take up the employment agreement, they will be responsible for the reimbursement of all costs incurred by Otago Polytechnic Ltd and for any return of their personal and household effects.


5.0   Dependent Children of Staff

Dependent children of staff members aged fifteen to seventeen (15-17) can register with People and Culture for temporary administrative support, general assistants, functions assistants, and labouring type roles that may become available within Otago Polytechnic Ltd.

5.1 They will not report directly to their parent/guardian, or any other family member employed at Otago Polytechnic Ltd.

5.2 This process will be managed by People and Culture and may include an informal interview and reference check/s.

5.3 Otago Polytechnic Ltd will communicate directly with the dependent child/employee and not via their parent/guardian, or other family member employed at Otago Polytechnic Ltd.

5.4 Those over eighteen (18) years of age or applying for a fixed term or permanent position will be subject to Otago Polytechnic Ltd usual recruitment policies and procedures.


Dr. Megan Gibbons

Chief Executive

Date: 12 April 2022

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Policy Version V5: Previously Coded MP0431.