Requests for Official Information

Approval Date
16 April 2020
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
30 November 2022
Te Kaihāpai
Baldrige Criteria

To comply with the requirements of the Official Information Act 1982 and the charging guidelines for requests under the Act published by the Ministry of Justice.


Ministry of Justice, Charging Guidelines for Official Information Act 1982 Requests

1.         All Official Information requests to Otago Polytechnic Limited will be handled by the Te Kaihāpai in accordance with the requirements of the Official Information Act 1982 and of this policy.

2.         The Office of the Ombudsmen description of ‘official information’ is attached as Appendix 1.

3.         A flowchart attached as Appendix 2 summarises the process for handling such requests.

4.         When charging for supplying information requested under the Official Information Act, Otago Polytechnic Ltd will follow the guidelines set down by the Ministry of Justice.

5.         In general, charges will be:

a.              Staff time - first half hour free then $38 (GST inclusive) per half hour or part thereof;

b.              Photocopying - first 20 A4 sheets free (whether single or double sided) then 20 cents (GST inclusive) per sheet thereafter (whether single or double sided);

c.              Other - at actual and reasonable costs.


Appendix 1. Description of ‘official information’


What is official information?
Official information means any information held by:

  • Government Ministers in their official capacity (information which is held by Ministers in a private capacity or in their capacity as members of a political party is not "official information")
  • Government departments, organisations, and state-owned enterprises
  • The Police
  • City, district, or regional councils
  • School boards of trustees, universities, polytechnics, and other tertiary education institutions
  • District health boards
  • Any other agency subject to the Official Information Act (OIA) or the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA)
  • and includes:
  • Documents, reports, memoranda, letters, emails, and draft documents
  • Non-written information, such as video or tape recordings (official information has also been interpreted to include information which is known to an agency but has not yet been written down)
  • The reasons for any decisions that have been made about you
  • Manuals which set out internal rules, principles, policies, or guidelines
  • The agendas and minutes of meetings (including those not open to the public)


The agencies subject to an Ombudsman’s jurisdiction under the Official Information Act include:

  • Ministers of the Crown
  • The agencies listed in the First Schedule of the Ombudsmen Act (except for the Parliamentary Counsel Office, the Parliamentary Service and mortality review committees)
  • The agencies listed in the First Schedule of the Official Information Act.


The agencies subject to an Ombudsman's jurisdiction under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act include those listed in:

  • The First Schedule of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act; and
  • Council-controlled organisations and council organisations: the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act applies to council-controlled organisations as if they are local authorities - see section 74 of the Local Government Act 2002.


You can request official information from any of the agencies described above. If you are unsure whether an agency comes under our jurisdiction, contact us.


If you are unsure where you should direct your request, the "Directory of Official Information" may also be of assistance.  The Directory is published by the Ministry of Justice and is updated every two years.  It lists all the organisations and ministerial offices that are subject to the official information legislation together with a description of the roles of those organisations.  The Directory should be available in local public libraries.  Alternatively, it can be found on the Ministry of Justice's website at:


Appendix 2. Flowchart: Process for Handling Offical Information Requests.

Process for Handling Official Information Requests