Salary Review and Promotion

To be read in conjunction with

Salary Review and Promotion SOP

Approval Date
3 February 2010
Approved By
Chief Executive
Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety
Baldrige Criteria
Workforce focus

To consider Salary Review and Promotion Applications and monitor salary profiles across Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd).


1.         Salary Review and Promotions Committee will comprise eleven (11) members:

  • DCE: People, Culture and Safety (Convenor)
  • People and Culture Business Partner Advisor
  • one (1) Director
  • one (1) nominee from KTO
  • one (1) Head of College
  • TEU representative
  • TIASA representative
  • two (2) Senior Academic staff (Principal Lecturers, Associate Professors, Professors)
  • two (2) professional staff representatives.

Note: Quorum to be six (6) (half plus one).

1.1          For academic staff reviews/promotion, two (2) senior academic staff must participate in the decision making.

1.2          For professional staff reviews/promotion either the TEU /TIASA rep or the professional staff representatives must participate.

1.3          Membership to be managed to ensure reasonable gender balance, role, and balance of perspective.

1.4          All members are bound by confidentiality from the discussions and decisions of the Committee.


2.         The Salary Review and Promotions Committee reports to the Chief Executive.

3.         The Salary Review and Promotions Committee will meet quarterly to consider applications as detailed in the Profile and Expectations documents and/or Position Descriptions for:

  • Professional Staff
  • Lecturer
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Principal Lecturer

And within the guidelines of the Evidential Requirements for Salary Review and Promotion refer to Salary Review and Promotion_SOP001.

4.         If the recommendation for salary increases or promotion is endorsed, the salary increase will be effective from the first payday in the month following the decision. This date will then become the new increment date for that employee.

          Note that the Committee does not usually backdate any increase.

5.         Applications for Salary Review and Promotion for staff who work in an area where surplus staffing reviews have been initiated will be held over until the outcome of the review has been finalised.

6.         Applications for salary review and promotion are to be forwarded to the Secretary of the Salary Review and Promotions Committee through the DCE: People, Culture and Safety.

7.         Applications for promotion are usually made by the Formal Leader however a staff member can make a direct application. For this situation, the Formal Leader will be asked to provide a statement about the staff members application commenting on the staff members skill, experience and accomplishments and recommendation.

8.         Responsibilities:

8.1          Formal Leaders or direct applicants must ensure their recommendation for salary review and promotion arising from performance review are received by the DCE: People, Culture and Safety with supporting evidence as per the published deadlines for Salary Review and Promotions Committee on Tūhono.

8.2          Staff are responsible for ensuring that appeals against a Formal Leader’s recommendation is lodged with the DCE:  People, Culture and Safety by the due date, as per policy Performance Review.

8.3          The DCE: People, Culture and Safety is responsible for effectively administering the salary review process and for reporting to the Chief Executive subsequent to each meeting.

8.4          Should the evidential requirements of the Formal Leader recommendation letter, recent performance review, colleague feedback (and for academic staff only learner feedback, and for professional staff only customer feedback) not be presented with the application, the Secretary of the Salary Review and Promotions Committee shall return the application requesting complete information and the Committee will not consider the application until all evidential requirements are met.

8.5          Should all evidence be provided, the Committee reserves the right to request additional information, the Committee may backdate any increase to the effective date following the meeting at which the submission was first considered.

9.         Reconsiderations

9.1          In the first instance requests for reconsideration are to be lodged directly to the Committee asking for reconsideration of the decision and providing any additional relevant information and clearly stating reasons for the request.

9.2          Requests for reconsideration must be made within one month of receipt of the letter stating the Committee’s original decision. This is to allow reconsideration to occur at the next Committee meeting.

9.3          Grounds for reconsideration requests are as follows:

a.    The applicant believes the Committee has made the wrong decision and/or;

b.    The applicant wishes to present additional information to support their application that was not originally provided.

9.4          The committee may consult the Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety for input into any reconsideration requests.

10.     Appeals

10.1      Should the Committee’s reconsidered decision not satisfy the applicant, an appeal can be laid directly with the Chief Executive.

10.2      Any appeal to the CE must be on the grounds of:

a.    Manifestly unjust/perverse decision by Salary Review and Promotions Committee (i.e. a reasonable person could not have reached the same or similar conclusion).

b.    Procedural failing which has disadvantaged the staff member. In this case, the failing must be clearly described.


SOP Salary Review and Promotion - Evidential Requirements



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