Surveys, Feedback and Course Evaluation

Approval Date
1 July 2019
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 March 2020
Deputy Chief Executive: Learning & Teaching
Baldrige Criteria
Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management

This policy outlines Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd)’s requirements for conducting and collating learner surveys, course evaluations and staff colleague and customer feedback. Collated data is reported internally and externally.


The Polytechnic requires that self-assessment and evaluation processes be informed by evidence that leads to continuous quality improvement which improves outcomes for learners and informs course/programme reviews. Learner feedback from surveys on courses, lecturers and programmes is an important aspect of this evidence.


Feedback on staff, including learner, and colleague and customer feedback, is used by staff for self- review, reflection, development, and evaluation.


1.          Otago Polytechnic Ltd requires a range of surveys, feedback, and evaluations to be carried out centrally through the Organisational Research Office. The range includes but is not limited to:

a.             The commencing learner survey.

b.             Course evaluations.

c.              Learner feedback on teaching.

d.              Staff feedback on colleagues.

e.              Programme satisfaction survey.

f.               Work environment survey.

g.              Graduate destination survey.

h.              Exit interviews for those learners who leave without completing.

2.          It is the responsibility of the Formal Leader to ensure that a survey/feedback/evaluation plan is in place and that staff are obtaining feedback from learners/customers and peers as required by the Polytechnic.

3.          Information on how all feedback processes work is available on Tūhono and from the Organisational Research Office.

4.          Surveys will be conducted at a time which is appropriate and relevant to the individual survey type.

5.          All courses will be evaluated annually.

6.          In accordance with policy Staff Development the following requirements apply:

a.             All academic staff will obtain annual learner feedback on teaching.

b.             All professional staff will obtain customer feedback at least once every two years.

c.             All staff will obtain peer/colleague feedback at least once every two years.

7.         All survey data will be collated, and analysed, and individual reports provided to the staff member/programme/School as appropriate.

8.         Learners will be provided with the response to their feedback on courses and programmes by their lecturer/Head of Programme or Head of College within one month of receipt of the report.

9.         In the case of concerning learner feedback, the Organisational Researcher will consult with the DCE: Learning and Teaching Services and/or DCE: People, Culture and Safety about addressing this with the applicable Formal Leader.

10.      Polytechnic-wide reports will be publicly available on the Performance Portal, the Learner Portal, and Moodle, and will be reported externally where applicable.



  • Self-Assessment and Internal Evaluation
  • Withdrawal Transfer, Cancellation and Refund
  • Staff Development