Te Pūkenga is trialing a digital wellbeing platform called Synergy Health. You may have read about it in the latest issue of Ngā Taipitopito.

This is in direct response to feedback shared in the Aromātai Kaimahi survey. Many people said they’d like more ways to support wellbeing. The Synergy Health pilot is one way that Te Pūkenga is responding to this.

Our organisation has chosen to take part in the pilot which launches today.


Synergy Health

Synergy Health is a digital wellbeing platform with educational resources, challenges, competitions and special offers to support your wellbeing.

Whether its fitness, nutrition, sleep, resilience or mindfulness, Synergy Health takes a holistic approach in ways that work for you. It’s personalised to show the things that strengthen your individual wellbeing journey and includes a wide, varied and constantly growing range of resources for you to access.


Accessing Synergy Health

Go to https://tepukenga.synergyhealthltd.com/.

Register to create an account using the company code: education


Three things you can do get started on your wellbeing journey in Synergy Health

  1. Complete your wellbeing scorecard

Your wellbeing scorecard will help you understand what areas you’re thriving in and where you might need to focus your energy with personalised content.

  1. Register for a webinar

We’ve organised a series of webinars hosted by Chantal Hofstee, who is a clinical psychologist, executive coach and mindfulness expert. Chantal will cover mindfulness practices and how they can support your wellbeing during periods of change.

We’ve asked Chantal for this focus because this year is one of transition within our network and there is also a lot happening in the world around us. Although mindfulness practice won’t necessarily fix problems or change your situation, it does offer ways to support your wellbeing and resilience.

Register for one (or more) of the webinar sessions here

  1. Take part in our first monthly challenge

A challenge will run each month during the pilot. We encourage you to get involved. They are good fun and link to our values and objectives.

The challenge this month is to share your pepeha.

Find the challenge on your Synergy Health homepage. You can also head to the ‘Challenges and Goals’ page to see other challenges that you can take part in at any time. For example, you can work on your sleep, energy levels, financial plans or learn more about what engages you.


Each subsidiary has elected a champion to support the Synergy Health pilot.

Our champion is Hayley Laughton. You can contact Hayley for help with the platform or to share feedback and ideas with Te Pūkenga.



Published on 6 May 2022

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