Our latest Excellent Scholars awards ceremony was celebrated on-campus and online.

At this week’s ceremony, Applied Management Head of Department Russell Harray reflected on our move to online teaching. He said it was two years since classes first moved online due to Covid. Since then, students had been through periods of online and on-campus teaching.

He said one benefit of the move to online study was that we now have students throughout the world studying with us. Some of those students were able to join us online for yesterday’s ceremony.

Excellent Scholars are given out for academic excellence and go to students with top marks. Russell said achieving such marks required motivation, active engagement, the ability to relate theory to practice, time management, and confidence.

Our Excellent Scholars were Qiao Zhang, Mengzhou Li (Simon), Margo Martine Marguerite Ballesta-Torrente, Archana Kethu Balachandran, Chintankumar Patel, Valentina Kurokhtina, Leijun Shi, Sanim Pokhrel, and Shaneel Narayan.

At this week’s ceremony, we also gave out Special Awards to students who deserved recognition for other achievements. They were Raul Jr. Penaranda, Rudra Mukesh Modh, and Lynton Aubrey Matthew Bransby.

Published on 18 May 2022

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