Today we welcomed our first cohort of offshore students to the campus since the border closed more than two years ago.

Many of those joining us in this intake were students who began their study offshore and then were able to enter the country through the Government’s border exemption for a limited number of tertiary students.

To mark the special occasion, this cohort of students was also presented with Tū Ngātahi pins. The pins have a twist design symbolising the connectedness between cultures. Students each received two pins – one to keep and one to gift to a friend.  

Group Deputy Chief Executive Corporate Services, Amin Soleimani, said we were today welcoming students from 13 different countries.

“This diversity that you’re bringing to this campus is something that we’re very proud of and something that we celebrate.”

He told the students that here at OPAIC, we believe our people, including students, staff, and alumni, make a better world.

Capability development is at the core of what we do, and our mission is to build capability for a global world. We structure the student journey to allow us to achieve that, he said.

Today’s on-campus Orientation included a campus tour, introductions to staff, an Employability introduction, and an academic orientation. We are also conducting an online Orientation for offshore students this week.

Published on 22 Jul 2022

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