Scope: Contemporary Research Topics is series of peer-reviewed open access journals published annually in November by Otago Polytechnic Press. Otago Polytechnic Ltd is a subsidiary of Te Pūkenga. For previous issues and author guidelines and malpractice statement please see For more information on the details of the call, formats accepted etc please contact the Editor for the journal.  


Learning and Teaching Issue 12 

The journal Scope (Learning and Teaching) is concerned with views, critical debate and reflections on learning and teaching theory and practice. It seeks to address current topical matters in the field of tertiary education. Its focus is on building a sense of community amongst researchers from an array of New Zealand institutions with the goal of linking with a wider international community. 

ISSN: 1179-951X (print), ISSN: 1178- 9528 (online)  

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Theme for 2023: Open. We are particularly interested in pieces which deal to the opportunities, challenges, concepts and critical thinking that inform contemporary understandings of learning and teaching as we enter a new era of higher education under Te Pūkenga (New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology).

Work-based Learning Issue 5  

The journal Scope (Work-based Learning) focuses on contemporary research in assessment of prior learning, learning in, for, and about work, and professional practice. It is concerned with critical debate about practice, theory, and history, and their relationships as manifested in the experiences of learners, practitioners, and researchers in work-based learning and professional practice.   

ISSN 2703-6227 (print) ISSN 2703-6235 (online)   

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Theme for 2023: the Learner. Scope Work-Based Learning 5 focuses on the work-based or professional practice learner. We invite papers, reports, reflections, artefacts, and other forms of research that put the learner first. We seek papers by learners, with learners and for learners. This issue puts the learner at the centre, and considers studies of learner experience, learner research and learner-centred teaching and learning. If learners are at the heart of your mahi, then we seek your research study. 

We are looking for studies where the learner is first: first author, first priority; even your first ever paper. Scope (Work-Based Learning) 5 encourages learners to contribute solo pieces, or to sign up their mentors for a collaboration – with the mentor as your support act. This issue allows the learner to shine, and for learner contributions to be where they should be: at the centre of learner-centredness. We encourage facilitators and mentors to rally their learners, and we encourage learners to approach their mentors and say, ‘let’s write a paper together’. We support collaboration, togetherness and sense of belonging! Get together, be together, work together, and create a paper for our fully peer-reviewed quality assured journal. 

Art and Design Issues 24 & 25

The journal Scope (Art & Design) aims to engage discussion on contemporary research in the visual arts and design. It is concerned with views and critical debates surrounding issues of practice, theory, history and their relationships as manifested through the visual and related arts and activities, such as sound, performance, curation, tactile and immersive environments, digital scapes and methodological considerations. With New Zealand and its Pacific neighbours as a backdrop, but not its only stage, Scope (Art & Design) seeks to address the matters which concern contemporary artists and arts enquirers in their environments of practice. ISSN (print): 1177-5653; ISSN (online): 1177-5661. 

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Themes for 2023: Art & Design 24 Open; Art & Design 25 (Special Issue Fashion) Theme: Fashion 


Health and Wellbeing Issue 8 

The journal Scope (Health & Wellbeing) aims to engage in multidisciplinary discussion on contemporary research in the landscape of health. It is concerned with views and critical debates surrounding issues of practice, theory, education, history and their relationships as manifested through the written and visual activities, such as original research, commentary, and critical debates concerning contemporary researchers, industry, society and educators in their environments of national and international practice. Scope’s focus is on building a sense of community amongst researchers in New Zealand and the international community.  

ISSN (print): 2537-8872; ISSN (online): 2537-8880  

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Theme for 2023: ‘Connection’ Submissions for Scope (Health & Wellbeing) 2023 will provide the opportunity for authors to consider, discuss and debate how connection is understood in relation to health and wellbeing. Connection is about a relationship between two or more things, or groups, or people. We make a connection when we catch our second bus for the journey, pick up the dog lead and see the hound leap excitedly at us, access the internet, or have an ah-ha moment when something we read or hear about connects with something we know. Connection between self and concepts, ideas, and theory is fundamental to learning. Connection underpins collaboration, and it is through collaborative work that boundaries expand, and new understandings emerge. Connection is defined by Brene Brown as “the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued” (http://brenebrown. com/art/tgoi-connection). Connection between people and within communities is fundamental to collective and individual wellbeing. The concept of whakapapa encapsulates the ultimate in connection. Being ‘the process of layering one thing upon another’ whakapapa helps us understand that there is connection between now and the past, between all people, and between people and the rest of the natural world. Connection is all powerful and all important.



Kaupapa Kai Tahu 7

The journal’s subtitle indicates the importance of the Memorandum of Understanding through which the Papatipu Rünaka ki Arai-Te-Uru became iwi partners of Otago Polytechnic. Kaupapa Kāi Tahu is on the one hand a showcase of Kāi Tahu, Māori and other iwi research at Otago Polytechnic and, on the other hand, an outcome of a growing commitment to Māori research aspirations at Otago Polytechnic and with the Māori community. 

ISSN (print): 2253-1866; ISSN (online): 2253-1874

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Theme: Tino Rakatirataka: thinking, pursuing and achieving sovereignty and self-determination.

Published on 16 Sep 2022

Orderdate: 16 Sep 2022
Expiry: 31 May 2023