Otago Polytechnic learner Best Apisit certainly likes to keep himself busy.

Best is preparing for the “Debrief” exhibition, part of Otago Polytechnic’s Student Showcase, and admits he’s in a race against time to meet yet another deadline.

As he prepares to complete a Graduate Diploma in Design (Communication), Best is putting together a complex installation for Debrief that involves video screens and other design components – all of which capture his experience as an intern with Te Whatu Ora – Southern.

During his internship, Best designed posters, made videos, created logos, and made an infographic of the New Dunedin Hospital’s Outpatient Building. 

Best was surprised that his hospital internship also involved dealing with historical objects. He worked with the New Dunedin Hospital project office to create the “Unearthed Ōtakou” exhibition, which showcased some of the items found on the building site.  

Best created a video showcasing some of the archaeological finds from the New Dunedin Hospital site, using photographs by fellow intern Tom de Silva and words from New Zealand Heritage Properties. The Unearthed Ōtakou exhibition was displayed in the Dunedin Hospital cafe for staff to see.

All of which fits nicely into the theme for this year’s Debrief – “Beneath the Surface”.

“I didn’t know that underneath the hospital site they’d have some artefacts. It’s interesting that we can learn the history of the people that were here before.

“It’s that sort of thing that really excites me about design – discovering new challenges and ways to communicate.”

Best chose to study at Otago Polytechnic because of the design school’s reputation – but moving from Thailand to Dunedin was a bit of an adjustment.

“I studied design because it’s one of my favourite subjects,” says Best. “I’ve fallen in love with it.”

“Everything in Bangkok is different from Dunedin – the lifestyle, the traffic, the weather, the food, the people. When I came here and I was hungry at midnight, I couldn’t find anything to eat!”

 But it’s that lack of hustle and bustle that appeals to Best.

 “I like the nature. And the people here are nice.”

 As part of the final paper for his Graduate Diploma, Best had to choose between doing his own project, a client project, or an internship.

 “I chose the internship because I wanted to have the experience of working with people, and the hospital is a place where I could bring my skill and perspective to help people.”

 Best is still considering his options post-graduation. But one thing is certain: “My future path will most definitely involve design. I love it.”

 You can experience Best and Tom's work for “Unearthed Ōtakou” here


Published on 15 Nov 2022

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