Laudatium are celebratory texts aimed at making public the contributions of learners who complete the highest qualification an institution offers.  Otago Polytechnic l Te Pūkenga is proud to align with this ancient academic custom in celebrating the work of our recent DPP graduate, Sandra Geyer. 

Sandra Geyer's DPP project is titled A Practitioner Inquiry and Framework for Seeding Entrepreneurial Leadership as Part of Identity Formation in Teenagers

Sandra is an entrepreneur in educational publishing and practices in the field of leadership. Her research on the seeding of leadership in teenagers during identity formation has led her to work in two countries. Her work is a significant contribution to entrepreneurial leadership theory. It demonstrates the feasibility and practicality of identifying and cultivating self-leadership and leadership qualities in students as young as those in the first year of secondary school, regardless of cultural context. Her research is innovative, representing a vital step forward in our understanding of how to develop leadership skills in young people. It has significant implications for education policy and practice in multiple countries.

Published on 17 May 2023

Orderdate: 17 May 2023
Expiry: 17 May 2025