Dunedin School of art graduate Aaron Obbeek has created ceramic sculptures for four meeting rooms in the Hub.

Titled “Out of the Black: Into the Blue”, the installation is the product of Aaron consulting and collaborating with Student Success staff.

With Covid, the numbers of students requiring mental health support and other services has increased significantly. Aaron worked with our Student Support Staff to respond to this situation with a series of small ceramic objects exhibited on shelves in the meeting rooms.

“We wanted the work to coincide with and represent the support they offer to students across all programmes, which led me to making many bowls and jars that can have practical and adaptable uses within the meeting spaces,”: Aaron explains. 

“The ceramics have all been hand-made using the pinch technique, to create an organic-looking shape and texture. The works have been glazed blue and white to capture the movement of water, adapting to their surroundings and continuing with the flow.”

Published on 13 Apr 2022

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