What is Pōpopo?

CoreyPōpopo turns the idea of 'waste' on its head. We are transforming the problem of organic waste into an opportunity for ecological restoration, food production, and hands-on education in sustainable practice.


Pōpopo is being built by our whole OP community; students, staff and friendly neighbours alike.







  • Transform "waste" materials into a resource. Our waste feeds soils, animals, plants, and people.
  • Develop a facility capable of processing all organic materials produced by Otago Polytechnic
  • Offer hands-on learning experiences for our community to learn what regenerative waste management looks like in their home, work or other contexts
  • Students and staff across OP get to apply their work and learning to Pōpopo
  • Develop a thriving model of a community composting site.






What can Pōpopo Offer?

  • Project-based work for students
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Opportunity to contribute to your campus
  • Public Composting Workshops
  • Applied sustainability case study
  • Professional Development projects for staff





What does Pōpopo need?

  • Student engagement: Collaborators and learners
  • Public engagement: Workshops and volunteers
  • Collaborations! Designers, researchers, volunteers
  • Anyone interested in sustainability and regenerative practice





Who to contact

For more information about Pōpopo - Wormporium, contact Finn.Boyle@op.ac.nz