Sustainable strategy

Otago Polytechnic has adopted a commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ as one of our key organisational values.

We take sustainability seriously. It’s one of our core values, and shapes everything we do, from our operations and teaching, to our engagement with businesses, communities and other institutions. Our goal is for every student to graduate with the skills and knowledge to become sustainable practitioners in their chosen fields.

 OP’s vision for sustainability includes:

  • Developing a framework to ensure we meet our sustainability objectives
  • Exploring the challenges, and asking the hard questions
  • Turning vision into practice by ‘walking the talk’
  • Focusing on student engagement by weaving sustainable practice into all our programmes
  • Making long-term sustainability goals to work towards

Want to know more about Sustainability at Otago Polytechnic?

Read about our Simple Pledge towards sustainable practice.