John Eteuati


Student designs innovative stove launched in Samoa

An efficient and sustainable cooking stove that aims to reduce the chronic health issues caused by open-fire cooking in the Pacific Islands has been invented at Otago Polytechnic and launched in Samoa.

The innovative oven was developed and produced on campus by Bachelor of Engineering Technology graduate, John Eteuati, with funding from Otago Polytechnic. The Polytechnic financed the launch and installation of three of the stoves in the Samoan villages of Vaiala and Faatoia.

The ovens use much less wood fuel than is required for open-fire cooking, and produce significantly fewer emissions of harmful gases and smoke. In addition, they have a positive social impact as construction can be carried out locally using conventional building materials involving minimal capital expense.

 Part of Mr Eteuati’s motivation to build the ovens was to further strengthen the close relationship between Otago Polytechnic and the wider Pasifika communities.