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New Zealand Certificate in Animal Management (L4) – Pet Grooming

 Vet Nursing Pet Grooming

This page holds all of the information and the next steps that you need to take prior to the start of your programme. We have also provided you with some additional information which we would suggest you take the time to familarise yourself with.  

Prior to the start of the programme, you should familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities for students as laid out on the Otago Polytechnic website


To retain your enrolment, you need to do the following before the start date of the programme:

  1. Check List

Click on this link and print this document so you can tick off and keep a track of each step during your enrolment process so you do not miss anything.


  1. Pre-observation Health and Safety Course

Animal facilities have specifically requested that any applicants from Otago Polytechnic seeking work placement understand health and safety requirements and potential hazards they may be exposed to. This course was specifically developed to provide you with this awareness. You must take the Confirmation of Participation (COP) to all prospective work placements you visit, so they are aware you have been given some basic information about the work environment, as well as potential hazards. 

This free course will take approximately 20 minutes. Once you have completed it you can print off the Confirmation of Participation (COP) to take to all work placements you approach.

To access and complete the course, you need to:

  • Create a Moodle account and sign in. Click here for instructions on how to do this.
  • Access and complete the course Health and Safety Pre-Observation for Guests in a Veterinary Clinic (this is still applicable to grooming facilitites)
  • Print your Confirmation of Participation (COP).


  1. Criminal Convictions HistoryIt is recommended that you take Criminal Convictions History Report and Basic Health and Safety Course COP with you to any prospective work placement. 


  1. Grooming Facility Work Placement Documents

During the course you are required to complete 240 hours of work placement within at least TWO grooming facilities.

Print off and read each of the following Work Placement documents.

Take these to all prospective grooming facilities you visit with a copy of your Criminal Convictions History Report and Basic Health and Safety Course COP.

Letter of Introduction (to introduce you to the grooming facility as a perspective Otago Polytechnic student seeking a work placement)

Key Information (this provides the grooming facility with more information about the programme and work placement)

Practical Skills List (this provides the groom facility with a list of skills you will need to undertake during work placement)

Emergency Contact Details Form (fill this in and give to the grooming facility when you have sourced a work placement)

Occupational Health and Safety for Students in the Workplace Enter the details on this form 

Work placement 

We recommend that you secure your work placement prior to enrolling in this programme to ensure you’ll be able to meet the requirements to pass. 

Some placement providers may require you to provide your My Vaccine Pass to them.

If you need support finding a suitable placement, please contact the School of Veterinary Nursing by emailing our work placement co-ordinator at Katie.Prasad@op.ac.nz .Katie will be happy to help you.

It’s a risk if you enrol and are unable to secure a work placement in the future because you need to complete the work placement to be able to pass the programme.  


  1. For Your information:

Click here to review Tips on finding your Work Placement

Click here to review What to expect on your first day at your work placement


  1. Enrolment Supporting Information:

Click here to access and fill in the media consent form to be emailed to vetnursing@op.ac.nz.

These must be completed on a computer as the format is not compatible with your cell phone

Click here to access and fill in the Student Privacy Declaration form.

Click here to access and fill in the Student Code of Conduct form


Further information

Below is some further information that we would recommend you taking the time to read and familiarise yourself with before the start of the programme. 


  1. Learning Advisors

A Learning Advisor is your primary academic support person through your study. You will be assigned a learning advisor and they will contact you and provide you with all their details prior to the start of your programme. 

In the meantime if you have any questions or wish to talk about anything relating to the programme do not hesitate to contact us on (free phone) 0800 762 786 or email vetnursing@op.ac.nz and your enquiry will be directed to a learning advisor.


  1. Block Course Dates


Tuesday 27th February - Friday 1st March (Full time students ONLY)

Tuesday 6th August - Friday 9th August (Full time AND Part time students)

Block courses are held at Otago Polytechnic campus - Dunedin

Full time students attend TWO compulsory block courses during their year of study.

Part time students attend ONE compulsory block course each year of their study (2 in total but only 1 per year).


  1. Copy of Work Placement Contract and Otago Polytechnic Code of Privacy/Confidentiality

Click here


  1. Clothing, Equipment and Textbooks


The equipment you will need for this programme (below) will be discussed at the introductory session and at the first block course and is not required until later in the course.  We can guide and support you in appropriate equipment selection.


Compulsory equipment:

  • Grooming Apron
  • 2 pairs of grooming scissors (1x standard pair, 1x thinning pair)
  • Name badge (see below)
  • Pair of ear muffs


Recommended (optional) equipment:

  • Clippers
  • Textbooks:
    • Notes from the Grooming Table 2nd Edition, by Melissa Verplank. ISBN 9780692658079
    • The Theory of 5 2nd edition, by Melissa Verplank, ISBN 9781732379718
    • Notes from the Grooming Table – Pocket Pal by Melissa Verplank. ISBN-13: 978-0-9754128-1-7

All titles are available to loan via The Robertson Library at no charge to enrolled students (including free P&P for off-campus loans).


Optional Clothing:

There is no compulsory uniform however you are welcome to wear our branded clothing to your work placements and block course as professional attire.  As items are branded, please check your sizing before ordering.

We strongly recommend you get a name badge (to order click the link below) to wear on work placement and to block course. 

Challenge Marketing Uniform Price List

Click on this link to order your name badge and shirt.  Note: you will need to create an account first and wait for verification from Challenge Marketing before placing your order. 


Buy Sell and Exchange: 

We have set up two buy/sell/swap Facebook pages to buy and sell used uniform items, textbooks and the like.

Click here for the Otago Polytechnic page

Click here for the Te Pūkenga page

Please note, we will be reverting back to the use of Otago Polytechnic branded uniforms, but we will still accept the use of any Te Pūkenga branded uniforms in the meantime.