Graduation happens twice a year – in March and September. It’s a big deal for our ākonga and we know all our kaimahi work hard to make this a memorable event for them. 

We’ve pulled together some kaimahi FAQs and hope these answer any questions you have. If not, please email with your enquiry and then we can add it to this page for others. 

We send out communications to graduates in the six weeks leading up to their graduation day and also have a series of webpages about graduation on the website

We'd LOVE your help pushing some of these key messages: 

  • graduates MUST pay for their gown before they collect it (as we have no payment facilities in the Gown Room)
  • the parade departs from First Church on Moray Place NOT from the Dunedin Dental School (due to the inner city upgrade) - graduates need to gather there from 10.40am for an 11am start
  • there is only ONE parade even though there are two ceremonies - graduates do not have to take part in the parade
  • graduates (including staff graduates) MUST check in at the Glenroy Auditorium (at 11.30am for Ceremony One and at 2.30pm for Ceremony Two) or they won't be able to cross the stage 
  • graduates' gowns must be dropped off after the ceremony (drop off times shown below) to avoid costly fines.

Kaimahi FAQs

Where can I find a timeline/schedule for the day?

You can check out the timeline for the day here.

Where can I find out who is in which ceremony?

You can check out the list of which school is in which ceremony here.

Where can I find the parade details? (start time, route etc)

Due to the inner city upgrade, the Parade now departs from First Church on Moray Place at 11.00am. 

Learners and their whānau need to gather at First Church at 10.40am. 

You can find a map of the parade route here

And check out this video of the route on YouTube:


My graduates have questions, where can they find answers?

We have a series of webpages about graduation on the Polytechnic website. 

This is the main information page for gradiates >

It has info about gowns, the schedule for the day, the parade route, photography and a link to information for guests. There is also a list of the pre-grad events and a large section of FAQs. 

 If they're still struggling to find the answers they need, please encourage them to email

Why am I getting emails that look more like they're for students graduating?

In the six weeks leading up to graduation, we send out a weekly email to all graduates with extra information about things like how to wear their academic regalia, how to find the gown room, and what the format of the ceremony will be like. 

All student and staff graduates are held on the same database and we send the email out to all graduates. 

This may mean you see messaging intended for all student graduates. 

Please disregard information that isn't intended for staff graduating (e.g. staff do not have to pay for their gowns). 

Where can I find times and locations for the pre-grad events?

All the pre-grad events that we have received information about, have been listed on this webpage for graduands.

Do I need to pay for my regalia?

No, kaimahi don't need to pay for their regalia.

When is the Gown Room open for collection of regalia?

The Gown Room is located in B Block and you can easily get there by walking along Harbour Terrace.

Date Time Type of pick-up
Monday 11 March 2024 12.00pm - 4.00pm  Staff only
Tuesday 12 March 2024 12.00pm - 4.00pm Staff only 
Wednesday 13 March 2024 1.00pm -7.00pm General open hours
Thursday 14 March 2024 1.00pm-7.00pm General open hours 
Friday 15 March 2024 8.00am-11.00am General open hours
Can I collect regalia on behalf of my team?

Yes BUT please email ahead to let us know that this is what you’re doing. We can then make sure they’re ready for you to collect. Email 

Please note: Only individual requests will be handled at the Gown Room itself.  

Will you be delivering regalia?

No, we don't have capacity to do this. 

Please remember to come to the Gown Room (B Block) to collect your regalia. 

When / where can I drop off my gown?

Kaimahi can drop their regalia off as they leave the Town Hall (the drop-off point will be in the foyer). 

Or you can return your regalia during the following times: 

Date Time Location
Friday 15 March 2024 3.00pm - 7.00pm Gown Room (B block)
Monday 18 March 2024 12.00pm - 4.00pm Gown Room (B block)
Tuesday 19 March 2024 12.00pm - 4.00pm Gown Room (B Block)

Please note: Gowns can also be returned to our Customer Services desk in The Hub between 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday - Friday, until Friday 22 March 2024.

For University regalia

Please return your regalia to us in the plastic bag that it comes in (along with the paper slip with your name on it). We will have extra, but with sustainability in mind, we don't want to keep using new plastic bags when we can reuse the existing set.

If I’m kaimahi and I’m graduating, do I need to check in at the Glenroy?


You are still included in our list of graduates and we need to make sure you’re there on the day. 

Please make sure you’re at the Glenroy Auditorium by 11.30am for Ceremony One, and 2.30pm for Ceremony Two.

This is essential as your name will not be read onstage unless you have checked in at the Glenroy Auditorium.

Where do kaimahi who are graduating sit during the ceremony?

Graduating kaimahi have two options. The one which we strongly advocate for and prefer kaimahi to do is the first option

  1. Kaimahi do exactly what a regular graduand does for the ceremony. You will line up in the Glenroy Auditorium after you’ve checked in, be led through to the Town Hall behind the piper, sit with the graduands during the ceremony, cross the stage and then sit back with the graduands. 
  1. Or, you can check in, line up, sit with the graduands, cross the stage and then either:
  • sit in the front row of the public seating which is reserved for kaimahi (remembering to tell the graduate behind them to continue back to the main graduate block of seating), or
  • join fellow staff on the stage (if there is a vacant seat).

In exceptional circumstances, staff members may be given permission to sit on the stage throughout the ceremony. To join the line from the stage and then to go back to the same seat on the stage after crossing. This is disruptive to the flow of the event however so will only be allowed in very rare situations.

I’m not graduating and am going to sit on stage, where do I meet the other kaimahi?

Official Party

  • Please go to the Upper Green Room.

Rest of kaimahi

  • Please meet at Door C of the Town Hall. 

If you are sitting on stage, please remember to smile throughout the ceremony as the event is being live streamed.