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Covid-19 locations of interest at OP

Now that Covid-19 is increasing in our community, it's really important that we look after one another.  


The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and Otago Polytechnic community is our key priority. Otago Polytechnic will now have a bigger role in identifying and communicating with close contacts of a positive Covid-19 case that was on one of our campuses or sites while infectious. And we all need to play our part in that. 


When we become aware of 'locations of interest' at an Otago Polytechnic campus or teaching site, we'll post it here. We'll list these in date order. Locations will be removed after 14 days.


We may also list other locations of interest that are significant to the wider Polytechnic and University student community that don’t sit directly on our campus/teaching sites.  


Locations of interest


What is a ‘location of interest?

  • For most positive cases at OP, we’ll be able to identify the select group of close contacts and directly touch base with them (i.e. a particular class). We’ll tell these people what they need to do.
  • A ‘location of interest’ will be published when a positive case has been in a space where not all contacts can be easily identified (i.e. somewhere large like The Hub at the Dunedin Campus).

What happens if I’ve been to a location of interest?

  • You don’t need to do anything immediately.
  • Just keep an eye out for symptoms for 10 days (you need to do this if you’re fully vaccinated or not).
  • If you develop Covid symptoms, please:
    • get a test
    • stay home until you get a negative test result.
  • Please let your lecturer know if you do need to get a test and stay at home so we can make sure you’re doing ok.
  • If you don’t know who this is, please email and we can connect you with them.
  • If you test positive for Covid, please tell us as soon as you can by filling in this form.


List of locations

Date Location Time
Wednesday 16 February 2022 G-Block Between 9am-12pm and 1pm – 5pm
  The Hub Before 9am and between 12pm and 1pm
Thursday 17 February 2022 G-Block Between 9am-12pm
  The Hub Before 9am and between 12pm and 1pm