Learning Support going strong

Learning Support is operating very effectively while OPAIC classes are being delivered online during Alert levels 4 and 3 in New Zealand.

COVID-19 restrictions mean most of us are at home - what better time to concentrate on studying?

Over 100 individual Learning Support sessions have been conducted while students are at home in their bubbles – some even in their cars.

You may want only one session to focus on a specific question or several sessions - we will do our very best to provide you with any extra support or guidance.

Many students have found the one to one sessions very helpful, because they feel relaxed and comfortable. The time of sessions is flexible and can be arranged to suit you.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed – we are part of the OP team and we want to support you with your studies and make your learning experience at OP positive and successful.

We have four tutors – Tavish (Management), Sabrina (Construction), Love (IT) and Cheryl (English).

Take responsibility for your learning, be proactive and contact us – email us at learningsupportaic@op.ac.nz.


Comments from students:

“The online peer session works for me because it’s very convenient to book an appointment, the meeting is recorded, and through screen sharing, we can easily present our tools and ideas.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to get your help and support. I am confident that this will help me to improve my performance and further to improve my academic results.”

“I am writing this letter to show my heartfelt appreciation for your contribution to my study. You give a priceless time for me in an online, and all the things you taught me helped set a clear direction for me.”

Comments from tutors:

“They can express their emotions towards the assignment very clearly without any hesitation, which sometimes is very difficult for some of the students during face to face conversation.”

“Every end of the tutoring session, I can see smiles in their faces, and they are grateful for listening to their concern and for helping them.”