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Te Pūkenga proposed Operating Model - Share your voice

Te Pūkenga have launched their proposed Operating Model which describes how Te Pūkenga will operate in the future.

It describes the future experience that learners, employers, staff and iwi, hapū and Māori will have and how we, as a network, will advance equity, especially for Māori, Pacific, and disabled learners. To make sure your voice is heard, Te Pūkenga needs your help.

They are asking for your whakaaro/thoughts on the way they support you and your communities into the future. Your feedback will be used to help confirm the final Operating Model.


  • Full information about the proposed Operating Model is available here
  • Share your voice and feedback on the proposed Operating Model with Te Pūkenga here
  • To find out more about the process of engagement around the proposed Operating Model the video below or by clicking here