Your Moodle email notifications 

We've made a slight change to Moodle. Your main email address can no longer be changed. 

If you're previously changed the email you have in Moodle for notifications, don't worry. This has been pulled through automatically with this change. 

We'd highly recommend you use your OP email address for things like Moodle because services like the Robertson Library and OPSA use your OP address to communicate with you (as well as your teachers). 

However, if you would like your Moodle notification emails to go to a personal email address rather than your OP email address, you can add a notifications email address in your preferences. 

Please follow the instructions on the Student Support Te Ama Tauira website to learn how to add a notification email to your Moodle account. 

Remember, this is only for Moodle and not for any other emails you may get in your OP email inbox.