The problems of visualisation and representation were the catalyst for the first symposium at the Dunedin School of Art, organised by Susan Ballard and David Green, in late 2009, entitled Illustrating the Unseeable: Reconnecting Art and Science (2009). Eight other interdisciplinary symposia have followed since then, partnering with various departments at the Otago University and drawing speakers from various parts of the globe to discuss the focus theme. To date they have included Art and Revolution (2017), Animality (2019), Art and Future: Energy, Climate, Cultures (2016), Art and Design (2015), Art and Book (2014), Art and Money (2013), Art and Food (2012), Art and Medicine (2011) and Art and Law (2010).

Please see the current call for symposium and related events: Mapping the Anthropocene in Ōtepoti/Dunedin: climate change, community and research in the creative arts (2020).