Tēnā Koutou Kātoa. Welcome to the Professional Practice Symposium: Professional Practice for a Positive Future.

This year’s programme highlights the rich nature of professional practice and the positive impact it is having on colleagues and learners.

The symposium was held online, with technical support provided by Henk Roodt.

The book of abstracts is available here. Abstracts for full presentations were all peer reviewed. Special thank you to our peer reviewers.

Symposium Organising Committee & Programme Editors:
Carleen Mitchell
Dr Glenys Forsyth
Dr Henk Roodt
Prof Jo Kirkwood

Photo Credit: Richard Mitchell


9.00-9.15 Opening and Welcome
Open: Nola Tipa
MC: Glenys Forsyth
Welcome: Liz McKenzie, Head of College, College of Work Based Learning
  Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4
9.15-10.45 Learning and Teaching
Session Chair: David Woodward
Impact & Nature
Session Chair: Jeremy Taylor
Health and Wellbeing
Session Chair: Jo Kirkwood
Session Chair: Helen Papuni
  Group work as a form of peer mentoring.
Rob Nelson R
Measuring your impact – The Kohioawa impact model.
Mawera Karetai, Sam Mann R
Reflections of the Canterbury dedicated education Unit: alcohol and other drug services.
Shelley Higgins, Maryann Wilson
Lifting the lid on the black box of social science research in a Doctorate of Professional Practice (DProf Prac).
Anne Alkema
  Towards more effective facilitation of learning: The weaving of Māori and Tauiwi facilitation – What we do and why it works.
Glenys Ker, Nola Tipa R
Small wins. Big Learning. Eel counting project supports stronger relationship between Fonterra and Mana Whenua.
Kylie Wright, Alexa Forbes, Steve Henry
Impact of gaining the Bachelor of Applied Management on small business owners.
Kylie Ellis, Glenys Forsyth
Story as truth and tool: – Exploring the use of fictionalised events as a method of reflective research reporting
Bonnie Robinson R
  Towards a multidimensional systems model of International Service Learning in an era of uncertainty.
Michael Mullens, Henk Roodt, Samuel Mann, Emilie Crossley R
The fine line between pest and food.
Karla Meharry, Mawera Karetai R
Rethinking Veterinary Practice.
Francesca Brown R
Teaching green software development in computing curricula: why and how?
Daniel Dang
10.45-11.00 BREAK      
11.00-12.30 Learning and teaching
Session Chair: Glenys Forsyth
Session Chair: Lesley Brook
Session Chair: Steve Henry & Jo Kirkwood
Early Childhood/Secondary Education
Session Chair: Sandy Geyer
  Constructivism and reflective practice: tertiary teaching using an evidence-based approach.
David Woodward, Shannon Booth, Elise Allen, Alexa Forbes, Cushla Donnelly, Jeremy Taylor R
Tuakana-Teina as Professional Practice.
Mawera Karetai, Samuel Mann, Dobrila Lopez, Philip Alexander-Crawford R
Letting go - A professional journey from supervisor to facilitator/academic mentor.
Jo Kirkwood R
Tiriti relationship two house model for decision making: An example from a parent-led voluntary organisation.
Carleen Mitchell R
  Challenges in learning web development at the first year of Bachelor of Computing Systems.
Daniel Dang
Te Kakanorua (The bicultural) workplace.
Naumai Taurua, Rachel McNamara
The art of enquiry as a facilitator.
Steve Henry R
Challenges to coaching implementation: The early childhood intervention professional and their practice.
Helen Mataiti, Anne van Bysterveldt, Judi Miller, Ray Kirk R
  Challenge based learning: Harnessing students’ intrinsic motivation for authentic learning.
Macie Rudoff R
Towards a practice-led model of impact. Samuel Mann, Phil Osborne, Richard Mitchell, Jo Kirkwood, Henk Roodt R Identifying motivational factors to increase the capability of the Engineering Profession in New Zealand.
Evan Madden, David Woodward, James Harrison R
Navigating the journey from primary to high school.
Karen Farmer, Mawera Karetai R
12.30 – 1.30 LUNCH      
1.30 – 3.00 Leadership
Session Chair: James Harrison
Health and Wellbeing
Session Chair: Anne Alkema
Journeys and Reflection
Session Chair: Rachel McNamara
Session Chair: Carleen Mitchell
  The Practice of Leadership in a Pandemic.
Samuel Mann, Mawera Karetai, Tahu Mackenzie, Henry-Eden Mann R
Advancing Māori health nursing education in Aotearoa.
Ada Campbell, Jo Greenlees-Rae, Shelley Higgins, Maryann Wilson R
Integrating Māutauranga Māori into a discipline area.
Bernadette Muir R
Who will read your thesis? Publishing your research to reach your audiences.
Lesley Brook R
  Seeding leadership: A new theory on the development of leadership identity for adolescents in their first year of high school. Sandy Geyer R SNAPSHOT TALK
Reflective practices for veterinary nurses.
Clare Morton, David Woodward, Jeremy Taylor
Towards best-practice Mātauranga Māori: What is Te Taha Wairua (from Te Whare Tapawhā) in OP teaching and learning?
Helen Papuni
Engaging a ludic (playful) mindset amid research challenges.
Helen Wilderspin R
  Mapping communities of professional practice
Samuel Mann R
    Navigating the complexity of practice-inquiry research ethics.
Glenys Forsyth, Jo Kirkwood, Michael Simmons R
3.00-3.15 Symposium Reflection & Closing
Rachel McNamara