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Tobias Danielmeier


Tobias Danielmeier is an Associate Professor at the College of Art, Design and Architecture. His research and professional practice investigate the interface between industrial architecture and spaces for hospitality. His work focuses on how processes and production flows can be improved spatially, how buildings aid and optimise energy and water use, use of solar active and passive strategies, creation of positive and lasting visitor experiences, as well as place and corporate identity expressed through our built environment.
Many of his architectural designs have gained national and international awards in the disciplines of architecture, design and engineering.
Tobias is member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, Green Building Council, Architectural Designers of New Zealand, Bund Deutscher Baumeister, the Designers Institute of New Zealand, the Building Technology Educators’ Society, and Bund Deutscher Önologen. He regularly acts as juror on architecture and heritage competitions and is on the editorial board of the International Journal for Architecture, Arts and Applications. Tobias has also a wealth of postgraduate supervision.

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