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Researcher profile for Lorna Davies

Research Outputs

Lorna Davies


I have been a midwife for over three decades and I have worked in midwifery education for 27 years both in the UK and in Aotearoa (17 years). I did my Masters (MA Women’s Studies) in the late 1990’s where I explored Inquiry Based Learning as a feminist pedagogy and completed my PhD where I explored the place of sustainability as a concept in midwifery practice in 2017. I have additionally been involved in a number of research projects over the years and would list my research interests as:-

• sustainability in midwifery/healthcare
• sustainability literacy
• interprofessional education
• workforce issues in midwifery.

My specialist areas in the research field are:-

• Qualitative Research
• Action Research (with a particular focus on Participatory AR)
• Autoethnography
• Thematic Analysis (particularly reflexive TA)
• Theory – Actor- Network theory

Research Stories

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