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Researcher profile for Bronwyn Hegarty

Research Outputs

Bronwyn Hegarty

I am currently an academic mentor in the Doctorate in Professional Practice.

In my Doctorate in Education research, I investigated the use of a Three-Step Reflective Framework for supporting reflective writing when developing evidence for electronic portfolios.

My past research includes:
2013 - Integrating mobile learning strategies and devices into learning and teaching at Otago Polytechnic.
2010 - Digital Information Literacy: Supported Development of Capability in Tertiary Environments
2006 - 2007 - Online Information Literacy eLearning Modules Project- various evaluation reports.
2005 - Approaches and implications of eLearning adoption in relation to academic staff efficacy and working practice.
2004 - The Impact of Technology on the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Institutions: Literature Review.

Journal Issues

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