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Steve Henry


Steve Henry has over 30 years experience as a facilitator in diverse settings.

He is based at CapableNZ, Otago Polytechnic, Te Pūkenga (NZ’s Polytechnic), Steve’s role is to mentor learners according to their set goals towards degree level qualifications in professional practice at bachelors and masters level. Steve Henry lives in Kateriteri, Tasman, Nelson.

His research interests include education in response to disruption, designing for inclusion, learner agency, learner transformation and communities of practice

Doctorate in Professional Practice canddiate (focus is design for transformation as a response to disruption)(Otago Polytechnic NZ 2019- present)
Masters in Environmental Education (Griffith University Australia) 2004
Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching (University of Canterbury NZ) 1985
BSC (hons) 1st class in Microbiology (University of Canterbury NZ) 1984
Facilitation Masterclass and Circling with Dr Douglas Tataryn, Canada (12 months of 2020)

What others say about Steve;

Steve’s facilitation in a group has led to the most transformational learning experiences of my life.
Maria Van Deimen, Clincial Physcologist Whanganui (with 30 years of practice)

Steve dares to name the unspoken tension in a room in a constructive and solutions focused way. Bea Boker-Pole. B!Social Owner and Founder (Co facilitator of Emotional Fluency workshops with Steve)
Steve Henry is a powerful facilitator. His unique skill is the ability to take conversations and thinking far out away from the norm and into areas previously untraversed. He gives people the confidence to bring the wildest reaches of their imagination to the issue or discussion at hand. Alexa Forbes Otago Regional Councillor

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