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Researcher profile for Codi Ramsey

Research Outputs

Codi Ramsey



Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health - Academic Lead for Masters of Applied Science degree


PhD - Physiotherapy - University of Otago, 2018
Masters of Health, Physical Education and Recreation - Utah State University, USA, 2014
Bachelor of Science, Health and Human Performance, Montana State University Billings, USA, 2009

Research Interests:

I like to use mixed methods research to understand the complex system underpinning the implications of footwear on athletic performance and injury. My current projects include:
- effects of asymmetric footwear on netball specific movements: A biomechanical study
- role of asymmetric footwear on netball performance: A longitudinal study
- developing the certified footwear analyst
- role of footwear on muscle activation and fatigue in runners
- use of field-based data collection to understand the effects of footwear asymmetry on running performance

Approach to postgraduate supervision:

It is all about the students. I am always fascinated with the topics that my students want to explore. I like to get involved with as much of the project as I can and help students build their toolbox to standout in industry.

Research Stories

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