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David Woodward


Dr David Woodward is a Principal lecturer and Head of Apiculture Programmes with Central campus, Cromwell and an academic mentor and assessor for Capable NZ, Dunedin, in the Master of Professional Practice and Doctor of Professional Practice programmes.

David’s background is in science, specifically botany and zoology, small business management and teaching. David completed a Bachelor of Science in botany and zoology, a Master of Science with Honours in botany (insect-plant ecology), both at Canterbury University, and a PhD in zoology (bumble bees) from Massey University. David worked as a research scientist at Adelaide University’s Waite Agricultural Research Institute on importation and management of leafcutting bees, before joining the Department of Primary Industries as State Apicultural Advisor for South Australia. Returning to New Zealand, he worked as Head of Department in Apiculture and tutor at Telford Rural Polytechnic. While at Telford, he was a member of the Academic Board, wrote a text book on “Queen Bee: Biology, Rearing and Breeding” and managed Telford’s 350 beehives. David has been a tutor and resource writer for Agribusiness Training Ltd, tutor for Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre and Land Based Training Ltd and a youth, adult tutor and manager of Next Step Training (Methodist Mission).

David has over 25 years of tertiary level teaching experience working in a range of blended delivery environments. He completed a National certificate in Adult Education and Training, a National certificate in Literacy and Numeracy Education and a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education. He has worked with Primary ITO and Telford for over 15 years to develop national qualifications, unit standards, assessments and learner resources in the apiculture area. David is a subject matter expert for Primary ITO and wrote the industry resources and assessments for the apiculture apprenticeship scheme. He enjoys developing student’s full potential.

David is managing director of Pollination Lab Ltd, a training consultancy and queen bee rearing company and an industry trainer for Apiculture NZ and when not teaching, advising or undertaking research, is a queen bee rearing specialist.

- Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology, Massey University
- Master of Science with Honours in Botany, University of Canterbury
- Bachelor of Science (Botany & Zoology), University of Canterbury
- Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, Otago Polytechnic
- National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational) (Level 5), Adult Literacy Education and Consulting Ltd
- National Certificate in Business (Small Business Management) (Level 4), Southern Institute of Technology
- National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 4), Open Polytechnic
- National Certificate in Youth Work (Youth Leadership), (Level 3), Career force

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