Can you help our Art students gain valuable industry knowledge and experience?

Our senior Bachelor of Visual Arts students are required as part of their course to carry out 15 hours’ work. Internship opportunities need to provide the students with insights into a career within a relevant creative industry. Interns will relate their tertiary learning to the workplace, and are expected to develop a range of skills that they will need in transitioning to industry upon completion of their studies. Examples include helping with curating, exhibiting, marketing, events, funding or conservation.

The 15 hours do not all need to be carried out in the same week, or for the same industry organisation, or in Dunedin. The student work is unpaid but the organisation needs to provide a valuable learning experience for the student and actively supervise what they are doing.

Student interns at the Blue Oyster Art Project Space had this to say of their experience:


“It’s one thing being in the studio and another to exhibit yourself. You need to know how galleries work.” 

Kimi Rindell


“You develop relationships with people working in the industry.”

Jasmine Rule


If you are interesting in hosting an Art student, please contact us.