Asset management

A new scorecard assessment system will help a local club manage replacement of its assets.

St Clair Golf Club has a range of assets which fall into two basic categories: greenkeeping assets, and clubhouse plant and equipment. Without any asset management system they were replacing items as and when required - when they failed, which required hasty unplanned decision-making. 

Alisha Govind, one of our Business students, worked with the Club's manager Annette Godman and Board member Judy Bevin to develop a system for asset management that would meet the Club's needs. Alisha started by investigating the decision-making process and the criteria that were used. She also familiarised herself with the assets to be included.

Alisha used an iterative process to develop an asset scorecard. She listed a range of factors to be assessed for each asset, which fell into four categories: safety, value creation, reliability and financial considerations. Safety was given double the weighting of value creation and reliability. Alisha then populated the scorecards for the Club's assets, generating scores which can be used to prioritise and budget for asset replacement. The next step will be an action plan for incorporating the system into the Club's financial management.


May 2021

Image credit: St Clair Golf Club, used with permission