Being green

In an online event they organised, three students share tips about living more sustainably.

Welcome to Kākāriki, an event that aims to inspire sustainable living.

Tasked with organising an online event, we immediately saw this as an opportunity to create something meaningful and to address an important matter. What could be more important than something that impacts everything and everyone on this planet? Sustainability has become one of the most significant terms and yet also one of the most complex topics there is.

With Kākāriki we would like to show you that each and every one of us has the power to create a sustainable future. It all starts in the comfort of our homes and can be a lot simpler than we think. On 5th June 2020, World Environment Day, we show you how easy it is to upcycle materials and use simple ingredients for your daily lives:

  • Healthy vegan recipes for banana pancakes, chia seed pudding, and vegan butter
  • Natural deodorant and washable makeup remover pads
  • Homemade gifts – a macramé potplant holder and a plant pot
  • All-purpose cleaner.

Additionally, we prerecorded guest speakers from different New Zealand businesses telling us about their sustainability efforts:

  • Clinton Chambers, owner of organic food store Taste Nature Dunedin
  • Dean Griffiths, manager of Trade Aid Dunedin
  • Richard Schouten – Sales Account Manager at IdealCup
  • Jill Ford – Founder of RefillNZ.

Check out our website to find more inspiration on how to implement sustainable practices in your life. Will you be part of our green journey?


Image credit: Kākāriki, used with permission