Bus behaviour

Drivers and passengers alike need to treat each other with respect.

GoBus is a transport company with 29 depots around New Zealand. Their Dunedin depot supervisor Tony Matheson asked Business student Mihirkumar Patel to help them solve a problem with behaviour - some drivers had complained about passenger behaviour but some passengers had also complained about drivers.

Mihir undertook two online surveys, of drivers and passengers, and also investigated customer relationship management. He came up with three recommendations for the company's consideration:

  • Training for drivers on how to effectively manage difficult passenger behaviour. This was something half of the driver survey respondents asked for.
  • A social media marketing campaign to educate passengers about "good bus behaviour." 62% of passenger survey respondents were not aware that the Otago Regional Council had a Code of Conduct for passengers.
  • An app for passengers' phones, to give them up-to-date information about bus routes and any expected delays.


July 2020

Image credit: "Simon sees," used under Creative Commons licence CC BY 2.0