Do no harm

Helping businesses stay safe is a growing but competitive market.

Health and safety has become an important industry in New Zealand, to support organisations to meet their obligations to keep staff and customers safe. One such health and safety business offered three separate strands: providing an on-site consultancy service, selling health and safety products from its premises, and online product sales. Two Business students worked with the manager to identify opportunities for improvement.

Akassh Verma focussed on the issue of how to increase online sales. He explored website design and usability, online customer engagement and e-commerce strategies, then surveyed people about their opinions of the two websites. He recommended that the two websites be combined into one and redesigned, and that an e-commerce marketing strategy be developed and implemented.

By contrast Santosh Chochangi Pun's research project was inward-looking, about streamlining the invoicing process for the three parts of the business. He interviewed the manager about the business's needs, then analysed the comparative features, benefits and costs of MYOB and Xero as potential solutions. He recommended Xero be used, with templates for the three different invoice types needed.


January 2021