How to engage with customers

Heidi Renata at Innov8HQ appreciated the work of two Applied Management students.

Two students were interviewed by Heidi and she decided to work with both of them. Destynee Poutama looked at the external customer engagement part of the Innov8 HQ business, which includes running events. On 10 April 2018 Innov8HQ hosted an Otago Polytechnic event, Sustainability in Business, with a range of speakers each addressing a different aspect of sustainable business practice. 

The other student, Jessica Rau, delved into internal customer engagement - the culture in a co-working environment. This involves deconstructing what a typical corporate would look like. Heidi says the insights which Jessica provided in her report are "unreal!" Changing the office environment can heavily influence how people behave and interact with each other.

The design of the space can contribute positively to the cohesion of the people working there, by encouraging shared knowledge and organic networking. Heidi is very glad she put the kitchen upfront and centre at Innov8 HQ.


March 2018

Image credit: Innov8 HQ, used with permission