More trees please

Our students organised an event for volunteers to get outdoors and improve the local environment.

The Otago University Students' Association wanted to encourage students to get involved in a positive and interactive activity outdoors that helped the community. The OUSA engaged with a team of four Otago Polytechnic Event Management students to develop and run a suitable event for them.

Under supervision from Principal Lecturer Dr Sharleen Howison, the event management students organised "More Trees Please". They partnered with Conservation Volunteer Coastal Otago and arranged for the group of students to plant native trees next to Smiths Creek, near Broad Bay on the Otago Peninsula. The trees would be a carbon offset and would also improve the environment for native species such as whitebait in the creek and native birds.

The event took place on 27 May 2018. The organisers promoted the event to attract volunteers, found sponsorship for the plants, and arranged bus transport to get the 42 student volunteers out to the site. Despite unpleasant weather, the volunteers planted about 200 trees and gave positive feedback about the event.


February 2019