Sales strategies

A local store has received tailored advice from one of our Business students.

The retail store Annecy bags & sunglasses has a high profile location in the Golden Centre Mall, with high numbers of passersby. Jiabao (Beryl) Pan worked with Annecy's manager to explore ways to increase sales.

Beryl surveyed 53 shoppers, of whom 92% were female. Most were aged between 26 and 55 years old. She also researched retail marketing to help her identify what factors were likely to positively influence sales for this product range at this location. Her recommendations were:

  • Adjust product displays every day (this has been implemented already)
  • Use cross-selling strategies
  • Introduce a customer loyalty scheme
  • Provide staff training, for example in product display, personal presentation, and sales skills
  • Offer a discount voucher which customers could give their friends
  • Provide special offers, for example for cruise ship visitors.


February 2020