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Eloise in the Middle

Our Communication Design students have supported another local theatre production.

Prospect Park Productions produced the play “Eloise in the Middle”, written by Dunedin playwright Emily Duncan. Director Jordan Dickson approached lecturer Jon Wilson, who teaches Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic, about a possible collaboration on the production. The play is about a child, portrayed by an adult actor, who is caught in the middle when her parents separate. The production needed projected content, both animated and filmed, to help communicate the story to both adults and children. A team of nine students worked on this project with Jon. 

The short film they produced shows the wedding of Eloise's parents, her mother pregnant, and Eloise as a baby. It needed to be of professional standard, as the character of Eloise's father is a professional film-maker.

During the story, projections of animations were placed alongside the actor to help enhance the experience and show the perspective of the two characters, Eloise and her mother. The goal was animations that flowed naturally along with the actor and story. 

"Eloise in the Middle" was performed at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery from 29 September to 6 October 2018.

September 2018