Ellen Wilcox S4 010

South Alive

A new History Trail map will help build pride for South Invercargill residents.

South Alive is an urban rejuvenation project, led by the community, with the goal of identifying the best possible future for South Invercargill and ways to make it happen. The charitable trust delivers projects that the community have identified as important to them. Volunteers from the community action these projects. Its priorities include beautification and enhancing amenities, and encouraging community participation and pride. 

One of their projects is development of a South Invercargill trail guide. Communication Design student Ellen Wilcox worked with South Alive to produce a fold out map for the trail. The map will guide walkers around eight locations in South Invercargill. 

"My design is tailored to help engage young families with vibrant colors and visuals. It was also important to me to reflect the South Alive brand in my design which I achieved through patterns and color motifs."

Display panels at each site will provide information about local history. This project will be ongoing into 2021 as she continues to work on the information panels as volunteers complete the research.

Image credit: Ellen Wilcox, used with permission.

April 2021