Engineering and Construction

The School of Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences welcomes enquiries from businesses interested in providing our students with real problems they can help you solve.

  • Do you have a problem to solve or an idea to pursue that is outside business as usual?
  • Is the problem or idea suitable for students from one or more of these study areas to work on?
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Quantity Surveying
  • Is there plenty of time for the students to work on this?
  • Are you willing to pay for materials and provide other support that the students might need?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, please contact us on and tell us your problem or idea.


What happens next?

  1. We’ll check that the project is suitable for our students, giving them a good learning opportunity – because this is not about them providing free labour.
  2. We’ll finalise the project scope with you and record that in writing.
  3. We’ll offer the project to students at the right time in their course.



These examples show the sorts of things our students are capable of:

Clifford Lochhead Antartica Profile 160223 10

Testing time in Antarctica

Mechanical Engineering

Fishing Kylie Rob and Helen CC BY 2.0

The right hook

Electrical Engineering

Barry Ree and Benton

Milk bottle top recycling

Engineering trades

peristaltic pump P5820001

Peristaltic pump

Mechanical Engineering

Saw stools IMG 2252

Saw stool safety

Civil Engineering

OP Students award win

3D printed gears

Mechanical Engineering

Malik street

Street marking removal

Civil Engineering

Moeraki Eli Duke CC BY SA 2.0

Land movement

Civil Engineering

ABE profile CharlotteFlaherty 003

Current conversion

Mechanical Engineering

Grace Beatson 20201106 173945 1

Shake it up

Mechanical Engineering

Clearwater Civil IMG 2346 cropped v2

Washbay design

Civil Engineering


Preventing drone battery fires

Electrical Engineering

George Early

Avalanche detection

Mechanical Engineering

ABE profile ConorLawrence 007

Flight time

Electrical Engineering

electric Cod

Is your multibox a fire hazard?

Electrical Engineering

Luciano Crudo 1

Manhole adjustment

Civil Engineering