Gaming gravity

What if you could control gravity in your online world?

There are many 2-dimensional digital games available which involve running and jumping around a digital maze to gain points while cheating death. But in all these games gravity is a constant. 

Information Technology Ethan Rowe had the idea of a game which explores the mechanic of gravity. In his game players are able to control the strength of gravity affecting their character, as they clamber to the top of a treacherous level full of spikes and pits for example, or boosting their ability to jump. A multiplayer format also means two players on networked computers share the same gravity field - which they can both control, so they can choose to help or hinder each other.

The project incorporates concept ideation, level design, and character animation as well as the complex technical aspects of syncing the gravity between multiple players.

June 2021

Image credit: Ethan Rowe.