Our Communication Design and Information Technology students are hunting in a pack.

Game design is a growing industry in New Zealand and internationally. Many game developers release tools to encourage people to make content to add to their games, creating a community of contributors and extending the scope and life of the game.

For his project Communication Design student Adam Herd made his first dive into 3D character modelling and creating a game asset pack. He created two versions of the wolf model, one with outline effect and one without, and ten texture variants for each version. The aim was to create a wolf that would resemble its real-life counterpart whilst integrating a distinct stylistic look.

Adam is just one of many Communication Design and Information Technology students working collaboratively on the game SKIN. The goal is that the students will produce a game from start to finish and publish it collectively as Forth Street Studios. SKIN has many features common to any multiplayer first person open world survival game, but what sets it apart is that players can get under the skin of any of the animals in the game - taking on all the advantages and vulnerabilities of that animal.

October 2020