Our Nursing students can help you improve population health.

Are you a business with an interest in the health and wellbeing of your employees? Are you a school who would like to help ensure health issues don’t compromise learning? Or are you some other community organisation wanting to improve your community’s health and wellbeing?

Every year our third year nursing students undertake a community health project. Each of the students spends approximately 120 hours on their project, over a period of four weeks, working in teams of about 10. They work in partnership with the community and under supervision from a clinical lecturer.

  • They use respected international and national health assessment models to identify health needs for the defined population.
  • Each team researches one health need in greater depth, examining underlying issues, gathering relevant data from written sources and key people.
  • The teams develop a health promotion message and resource/s to address the identified health needs.
  • They deliver the draft resource/s to the host community, together with a written report detailing their investigative work and recommendations.

You will have the benefit of the students’ knowledge, time and ideas, and the initiatives they develop which you can implement to improve health and wellbeing with the identified population. There is no cost to you, other than your own time and any costs associated with your subsequent implementation of the students' initiatives.

You will also be contributing to the students’ learning. This project is an important part of their course work, putting them in touch with real health needs outside the classroom.

If you’d like to talk about working with our Nursing students, please contact us.